Peru – Sacred Single Track Day 3

17th May 2017

A completely different way to spend a birthday!
Normal start time again, and getting into the routine of breakfast at 0730, all in the van by 0800. Today we headed to Lamay to ride two trails from different sides of the valley, but both ending in the square Lamay. At our request we got out of the van early to cycle to the start to warm up, good way to get the lungs going. Only 100m elevation gain, but it brought us to 3900m, and a grumpy lady how was not pleased to see us, but her dogs and Alpacas were. Lamay 1, the first trail, started of quite boggy but once the ground hardened we were flying. Few places had big drop offs to the right, so was a case of not looking right off the trail!

The mid section of the trail was quite technical, with lots of steps and switch backs. Only one section took a few goes on the second attempt, but got it in the end. The bottom of the trail was fast flowing with natural jumps and drops, ended in the forest to meet the van with snickers at the ready and back up to do it again.

We had lunch beside a river under the shade of the van canopy, and Carlos even sorted out a birthday cheesecake, was great but nothing like a home cheesecake!

The second trail, Lamay 2, was a lot of fun, fast but technical, you really needed to pick out a line or things would quickly end in a bush. Startled a couple of locals half way down, then split from the group to tackle a harder section of the trail. This was awesome, lose rocks, drops, rivers, jumps and switch backs, got a full 16 minute run, longest yet. Only stopping to walk one section which was a bit too wild.

Finished off in Lamay and after some blasting through the streets we stopped off to try the famous Guinea pig on a stick and a quick beer. It was surprisingly good, but didn’t eat it off the stick, that was a bit much.  All in all a bloody good birthday!


Strava – Lamay 1 (inc Lamay 2 uplift!)                    Strava – Lamay 2


I got some video editied of Lamay 2, but, in a trade off of filming while sitting down and standing, I ended up with the GoPro not pointing high enough. Footage is a bit hard to watch because of it, but I noticed intime for the last three days. Oh well, can go into the failure folder along with why Relive isn’t mapping all the rides!


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