Peru Sacred Single Track – Day 4

18th May 2017

Normal start time and a simple breakfast after eating too much last night, then back in the van at 0800. We’d be riding in the next valley along from where in yesterday, but starting from a far greater height.  After over an hour in the van, and turning uphill at the village of Calca, we reached the top of the Lares pass at 4461m, we walked for a bit to the top to warm up, any physical exertion was a struggle! In total we would descent around 2000m today, which we split into two sections, so we could do the fast upper section twice.


This trail was an original Inca trail, most or the original features unspoilt since it was made. We stopped at an burial site, which was on the side of a cliff. The where grave robbers had found the tombs, robbing them leaving the bones exposed on the trail side. The trail itself was nice and smooth all the way, but with tricky sections and rock drops to catch you out if you relaxed a little too much.

After some lunch we hit the lower section, which was a mix of road and single track as we worked our way back down to Calca. I didn’t film this but I wish I did as it turned out to be far better than described, not that it would have mattered as I still hadn’t discovered the GoPro angle was complete pants!

Once in Calca, ice cream and beer was called for and a wee sit down in the sunshine to let the mud dry on our legs before getting back into the van to the Amaru Valle hotel in Urubamba, washed the bikes followed my another sit down in the garden. Had a wander about town, and found a streer that only had hairdresser’s on it. Settled for food in Paca Paca for some Lima Bean Ravioli and Chicha morago juice (corn based juice). Few more Cusqueñas and Pisco Sours to end with.

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