Peru Sacred Single Track – Day 7

21st May 2017

Breakfast and bags packed as we left Urubamba heading for Chinchero where we first stopped to have a look round a traditional weavers farm, where they demonstrated the methods of how they make thier fabrics for clothes and decoration from Alpaca and sheep’s wool. All very interesting, and expensive, as I then spend nearly all my cash at their stalls. Peruvians are good are notching up sales! But, small bonus of getting a cracking picture in a poncho and daft hat.

20170521_094140Almost a local!

From there we mounted the bikes and headed off for the first trail of the day, this time with a slightly better GoPro position, so maybe the footage will be worthwhile. This was another Inca trail, with plenty steps and rock drops, but still able to carry plenty speed, making use of the berms and rock jumps. The trail winded down the valley side to Urquillos. I think this was actually the most fun trail we had been on, the scenary was also amazing with some sizeable drops off the side of the trail, if you can`t tell by the video, the Relive maps show the dramatic terrain well.

Lunch stop at the side of the road again, then we descended down another rocky trail to the start of the DH route. Home to the annual Holy Race, it was really good despite being washed out and a lot of the jumps unrideable. Should be good footage though, and worth breaking the back wheel on my bike, probably didn’t like the steps in the morning too much! Due to the state of the trails, my research of watching helmet cam videos of the last race with Carlos the night before didn’t turn out that useful!

Back in the van for a snooze on the drive to out a new hotel in Ollantaytambo. To come from the relative quite and traditional town of Urubamba to this tourist hot spot was bizare, coffee, pizza, wifi and selfie sticks everywhere you look. Stunning location for it all though. We spent some time sitting in the square looking out at the mountains and Inca ruins around us and the Face of Wiracocha looking back at us. Another deserved relaxing night.

Strava – Chinchero to Urquillos                    Relive – Chinchero to Urquillos

Strava – Holy Race DH Course

I know its a big ask, as these videos are quite long, but these are my favourite videos from the trip, I recommend getting a brew ready and having a watch…



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