Peru Sacred Single Track – Day 9

23rd May 2017

How wrong could I have been thinking a good sleep would sort me out.  Started the morning feeling deflated, and not at all excited about the I had been looking forward too the most. Riding the Inca Avalanche race course, twice.  I’d even studied the course on youtube the night before!

In the 45km van ride to the top of the descent I felt horrendously sick, and could not keep warm. Stubbornness kept me going and I got half way down before getting the feeling I was going to crash.  I had no bike control and was riding terrible, was only holding on and hoping for the best.  I was walking sections I could easily do on any other day.  Despite being completely water logged, it was fast and technical, and would be fantastic in the dry.  Maybe a potential future adventure to take part in the race itself…

We had lunch at a small fish farm, with fresh fish and pasta.  I ate what I could and spent the rest of the day sleeping in the van.  At this stage I just thought I was tired and could sleep it off, putting the blame on my roommate, Dr Snore.

But it was food poisening, and I spent the rest of the day in bed, making trips to the toilet. Fantastic.  But better at the end of the trip than the start.

Bit of a lacking report for this day, only a few photos taken and none of them worthy of display, but I guess thats how things go sometimes.

Strava                    Relive

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