Peru Sacred Single Track – Day 11

25th May 2017

Ok, final day riding in this awesome place, and I was back at about 90% health!  We were back at the hotel we first stayed at when we arrived (Casa Esmeralda), and after a leasurly breakfast, myself and Carl were still keen to take on a couple more trails before returning the bikes.  So together with Carlos we blasted back down the first trail of the trip, it felt awesome.  This was the third time we’d been on this trail, so had a bit more confidence to let off the brakes, felt awesome, got a video of it this time too!

Second trail was a new one, and not used often by bikes, quickly became clear why!  It was more of a slide down the hill bouncing off rocks than a descent!  But the second half dried out, and we had some nice technical sections through the forest.  The trail was called Devils Balcony due to the hidden cave that leads out to an overview of a waterfall, totally hidden and well known by locals.  Worked out as a nice shelter from the rain for a few minutes.  Still made for an awesome trail, with added stray dogs trying to put us off!

We arrived back in Cusco to meet Percy with the van and take us back to the hotel to get properly cleaned up.

At night we all met up and wandered about for a while, a few beers and the Norton Bar, then some food at the trendy Fallen Angel restaurant.  Unfortunaltley Carlos has a family emergancy to attend too, so our goodbyes were cut short.

I think I’ll writing another post summarising the whole trip, as it was truely amazing in every aspect, will touch more on the touristic aspect that I have kind of glossed over to this point.

Strava – Cusco Local Trail                    Strava – Devils Balcony

I’m frustrated at myself now, as I didn’t take any pictures on this day.


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